Case study 1

Diagnosis: Hodgkin Mb (lymphoma).
Home Treatment: IPT

Patient: Female, 37 years

In May, the patient presented herself first to their family doctor to check on a swelling over the right clavicle. She felt absolutely healthy, exercised regularly, ensured a balanced diet and cannot remember serious diseases or infections in recent years.

Initiated by the family physician, diagnosis including tissue sample finally gave the definite diagnosis: (Mb Hodgkin Stad II) lymphoma with involvement of multiple lymph nodes in the neck, chest and abdomen, as well as the involvement of the liver and spleen. Most impressive was a tumor in the chest with a size of 13 * 10 * 7cm.

The patient decided after a thorough and detailed consultation with several doctors in an extreme way: she declined treatment because despite promising prospects of success of the classic western medicine, chemotherapy, this cancer rejects such treatment. Also the possibility of mitigating the possible side effects by concomitant naturopathic support cannot move her, to undergo an ordinary chemotherapy.

The patient relied entirely on the IPT treatment, ie the “Insulin low dose chemotherapy,” in which only a fraction of the usual cytostatic doses are used.

The treatment began in November of the same year and continued in several sessions until April of the following year. The IPT is thereby incorporated into a holistic treatment associated with immune strengthening, detoxification, construction phases and regulation therapies. By June, some IPT treatments with biological follow-cancer agents (without cytostatics) were infused.

The check-ups in mid-June resulted in a drastic improvement of the findings: the tumor in the chest and all nodes in the abdomen were completely gone, liver and spleen without infestation.

Follow-up period: 3 years