Chemosensitivity test


In case you are looking for the most effective chemo-agent for a person’s targeted and personalized treatment of a tumor, the chemo-sensitivity test is a valuable method for determining the chemo-agent.

The test will provide detailed information about which chemo-agent is best suited for the treatment of a certain tumor.


A pending chemo-therapy is physically and psychologically a great burden. Very often chemo-therapies cannot heal the cancer and the uses versus the risk of this kind of treatment has to be taken into consideration.

In order to receive the greatest benefit from a chemo-therapy, it is important to check before commencing treatment, which chemo-agent is the best suited for treating the individual patient. With this test predictions can be made which agent is the most effective for treating the patient.


Living tumor-cells are treated in-vitro (test-tube) with chemo-agents as well as biological medications. After a few days predictions can be made according to the amount of living cells, which agent(s) and biological medication(s) had the greatest effect by inhibiting and killing tumor-cells.

Thus, the Chemosensitivity test is very meaningful for determining the right selection and/or combination of chemo-agents and/or biological treatments.