The holistic and natural Regeneresen therapy by Prof. Dr. Dyckerhoff consists exclusively of biologically active animal ribonucleic acids (RNA) and ribonucleic acids of the yeast. The Regeneresen preparations with the nucleic acids contained favor metabolic processes of the immune and endocrine system, they also increase the formation of endogenous nucleic acids. Processes of aging are accompanied by the loss of the body’s organ-specific nucleic acids. Ribonucleic acid injections (Regeneresen) have been proven for decades at the cellular level by the administration of bovine and yeast RNA.

In this case, particularly, the ribonucleic acids (RNA) are the key elements of protein synthesis – the one hand as information carrier for the structure of each protein, and on the other as a building material for important cellular structures, as well as tools in the sequence of protein synthesis. Recent research shows, inter alia, the participation of low-molecular nucleic acids in the modulation of protein synthesis. In the broadest sense, one might compare the Regeneresen with the formerly used “fresh cell cures”.

What are Regeneresen®?

Regeneresen® consist exclusively of biologically active ribonucleic acids (RNA). The active ingredient is extracted from organs of beef and yeast. The result is purified sodium salt of ribonucleic acids (RNA-Na). The entire concept of treatment is based on nucleic acids from various organs, which are joined together with ortho-molecular substances. In the form of Regeneresen you can now make the body specifically the RNA with cell-specific substances and information of the affected organs or organ systems. The specific nucleic acid containing organ extracts help disturbed cellular metabolism processes to regenerate and for the holistic treatment of chronic and degenerative diseases. Accompanying effect of Regeneresen therapy is to minimize allergies and infections vulnerabilities by strengthening the body’s defenses. As organ-specific preparations here are used the application areas of Regeneresen are versatile.

Applications of Regeneresen therapy:

• Degenerative diseases
• Chronic diseases
• Osteoarthritis
• Cardiovascular disease
• circulatory disorders
• immune disorders
• Liver disease
• neurological disorders
• skin diseases
• dementias
• disc damage
• Tinnitus
• Eye disorders
• immune disorders

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Regeneration Therapies

• detoxification
• Neutralization
• specified diet
• Psycho-oncology

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